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Have you ever visited Rust? The reasons for a tour of the charming old town are quickly listed: a picturesque old town, the idyllic location on Lake Neusiedl, the mild Pannonian climate, the many storks and of course the vineyards, which give some people a Tuscan feeling. And there are actually many similarities between the regions, especially when it comes to the high importance of cuisine, awareness of regionality and of course the outstanding quality of the wines. Whatever the case: Rust is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful towns in Austria and is always worth a trip - or a short vacation at Lake Neusiedl!

Rust is located on the western shore of Lake Neusiedl and, with around 2,000 inhabitants, is the smallest free town in Austria. In terms of area, Lake Neusiedl is the largest lake in Austria and the westernmost steppe lake in Europe. Lake Neusiedl with its huge reed belt is a fascinating and Europe-wide important habitat with unique flora and fauna. As a real steppe lake, the water levels of Lake Neusiedl always fluctuate between drying out and flooding. Speaking of which: the cloudy water of the lake is clean in itself, because salinity, shallow water depth and constant wind movement ensure that tiny mineral particles always remain in suspension and make the water appear cloudy. The lake is about an hour's drive from Vienna and is often referred to in this country as the “Sea of ​​the Viennese”. Once you arrive at the lake, but also in the small town of Rust, you actually feel as far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The entire old town of Rust is now a listed building. In 1975 the city was even dubbed a “model city for monument preservation”.

The charming town houses from the 16th to 19th centuries, dressed in detailed Baroque or Renaissance facades, give the city a special flair. The idyllic inner courtyards with arched portals and arcades, partly built with remains of the city wall, invite you to linger and stroll. In 2001, Rust's old town was finally listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Around 380 hectares of vineyards lie here on the gentle slopes of the Rust hill country, one of the warmest points in Central Europe. The climatic conditions in this country are ideal for viticulture. Combined with the knowledge and skills of the Rust winemakers, world-class wines are created! The Elfenhof winery cultivates around 70 hectares, all in the Rust hill country. A little history about the wine: In 1681, the citizens of Rust bought themselves free from their subservience by paying gold guilders with 500 buckets or almost 30,000 liters of wine (Ruster outbreak of the Furmint variety).

In addition to the wine, the storks in particular have a special place in Rust. The white stork is considered the city's secret heraldic animal. Year after year, the majestic animals fly into the old town and occupy over 33 nests on the chimneys of the old town. This spectacle also attracts more and more photographers to the Free City. The storks come every year in mid-March and fly back to their winter quarters in the south at the end of August. On average, around 15 stork pairs breed each year and raise around 35 young storks. White storks have been settling in this country since around 1900 and are intensively supported by the Rust Stork Association. The Elfenhof winery also contributes to the preservation of the stork association with donations.

Land of the Sun - City of the Sun! With around 300 days of sunshine and 2,000 hours of sunshine per year, a beautiful and diverse landscape and of course the pleasant Pannonian climate, Burgenland offers a convincing overall package for sports enthusiasts, cyclists and water sports enthusiasts. Speaking of diversity: The region is an excellent starting point for larger excursions: the Schneeberg in Lower Austria (2000m altitude), the city of Vienna (Austria's only megacity), the Hungarian border or various bathing lakes can be easily reached from here.

So why go to Rust? Let's summarize it in 4 points:

* The charming old town! It is not without reason that it is now part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.
* Lake Neusiedl! Together with its unique flora and fauna.
* Wine & vineyards: a true paradise for wine lovers. 50 winemakers and an unusually large number of wine varieties!
* Lots of sun and the mild Pannonian climate make Rust the ideal destination.
* Events! There is always something going on in Rust, including in our winery or in the Elfenhof Vinothek in the heart of Rust.

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