Our winery


The winery is located on hillsides that slope gently to the southeast on the western shore of Lake Neusiedl, protected from harsh northwest winds - an optimal microclimate. The lake acts as a heat balance between day and night. The large body of water also reflects the first rays of sunshine into the Rust vines in the morning hours: higher sugar production, finer development of the noble rot fungus and thus the highest wine quality - these are the magical wines from Elfenhof.


The Elfenhof winery has been owned by the family since 1642. Our family tradition is sacred to us, because the accumulated knowledge and many little secrets have been passed on to our children for twelve generations.

Rust is a paradise for viticulture: the location, the soil, the climate. This gives us the opportunity to grow almost any grape variety, which is why we can offer you a particularly large number of wines.


Growing wine is like conducting a large orchestra: everything has to be done
sit perfectly and are attuned to one another. A lot of know-how, cleverly used technology, ecological cultivation and, above all, patience and love for wine and nature create the high quality and goodness of the Elfenhof wines and, thanks to our “direct from farm sales”, at unbeatable prices.

The Elfenhof winery not only produces and sells wine, no, viticulture is pursued here with a lot of knowledge, skill and love. A real joy of experimentation and the desire to try things out. Add to that the freedom to take what is best – that is viticulture at its finest and wine enjoyment at its finest.